Sworn translations

The translation of some legal documents is only valid if signed by a sworn translator. This is particularly true for extracts of civil-status records, official acts, marriage contracts and diplomas. Judgements, company statutes, notarial acts and other official documents are also concerned. The sworn translator certifies his translation to be true to the original document and appends his stamp and signature at the bottom. The official document or a certified copy is then attached to the translation and the translator’s acknowledgement. When required, these translations are presented to the Registry of the Court of First Instance and the President legalises the signature ; the translation is then said « certified».



Simple translations

« Simple » translations apply to any non-legal or non-official text (press releases, websites, mails, CVs, novels, biographies, literary or historical narratives, …). These writings – that may have been produced by high level specialists – require the same level of mastery and competence in various fields and are nevertheless subject to sound research.


Consecutive and whispered interpreting

As a sworn interpreter, holder of a University Certification in interpreting in legal context, legal field and asylum seekers’ sector, I also provide you with a language support during your legal or medical consultations, either official or private, anywhere in Belgium.