Translation of company statutes, judgements, notarial acts, contracts, proxies, and all kinds of legal documents such as birth, marriage, criminal records, good conduct certificates, diplomas, …

Interpretation of hearings in judicial context (police stations, courts, …) and any official meeting.


Translation of anamnesis, medical records, questionnaires and certificates.

“Whispering” interpreting (i.e. the interpreter is in the same room as the participants providing a whispered interpretation in real time to a small number of listeners) during medical visits.


Translation of menus, information sheets, descriptions and presentations of products and culinary specialties.

Communication in general

Translation and adaptation of websites, press releases, letters, e-mails, biographies, literary or historical narratives, …

In any case, your documents will be subject to a very focused attention and sound researches and their essence will be rendered with the utmost care.